An educational series with a focus on prevention,
resources and community involvement
Prairie Ridge Health Madison Emergency Physicians Columbia County Sheriffs Columbus Police Department PARCC   Dept. of Health and Human Services - Columbia County   Seasons Counseling

Educating the community at large regarding the opioid epidemic;

history, victims, caregivers, available and needed resources, and what the community can do from a prevention focus to assist in the fight.

For help CALL any time

24 hours a day, seven days a week

Wisconsin Addiction Recovery Helpline

211 or 833-944-4673

Family and Friends Resources

 Treatment Resources

 Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Education Toolkit

 What and Why Project CLEAN

 What are Opioids and a List of Prescription Opioids

 Project CLEAN High School Presentation

 Opiod Disposal Sites

 All Prescription Drug Drop Off Sites (Including Opioids)

Tri-County MATRS (Medication Assisted Treatment Recovery & Support) - 24/7 Heroin & Opiate Help: 608-402-4312 for Richland, Sauk and Columbia Counties

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