Endoscopy Procedures

Endoscopy is a procedure that utilizes a fiber optic video scope to examine areas of the body, including the gastrointestinal tract, lungs and more. While the procedure can be used for treatment, it has grown in prominence as a diagnostic tool, since using endoscopy for diagnosis often lessens the need for exploratory surgeries. We work closely with your physician on all aspects of your care, including sedation.

  Laboratory Services 

Prairie Ridge Health Clinic partners with Prairie Ridge Health to provide quick and efficient laboratory services including a broad spectrum of laboratory testing ranging from blood chemistries such as glucose and potassium to more complicated analysis of microorganisms that cause disease. The information provided assists healthcare providers in diagnosis and monitoring of their patients. Medical Technologists, Medical Laboratory Technicians and Phlebotomists staff the Laboratory within Prairie Ridge Health 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  Medical Imaging 

Routine x-rays are available at both Columbus and Beaver Dam clinic locations. Further medical imaging services is available at Prairie Ridge Health, including: bone densitometry, CT, digital mammography, MRI, nuclear medicine, routine x-rays, colon and stomach radiology and ultrasound.

  • Helpful


    Dr. Galvin saved my life in 2007 from a ruptured appendix. He’s the best.

  • Impressive Patient Care

    Impressive Patient Care

    Dr. Coe solved my problem when others didn’t!

  • Great Office

    Great Office

    The hours were good and the appointments were faster than I thought.

  • First Choice

    First Choice

    I would highly (and already have) recommend this clinic to others.

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    She gave me her phone number to call with any questions.

  • Taking Time

    Taking Time

    He listened and gave me directions on how to handle the problem!

  • Impressive Patient Care!

    Impressive Patient Care!

    My experience with Dr. Niesen couldn’t have been better. My wife & I drove from Appleton to see him because of his medical training background. My wife is a nurse and has “very high” standards for doctors. She was REALLY impressed. I saw Dr. Niesen for a second opinion, but after seeing him he is now my doctor of choice that I will see for ongoing treatment of my condition. The compassion, listening – REALLY LISTENING, time spent with us, and his drawing upon his peers at Mayo to discuss my case is impressi...