FMUB donates $30,000 for new Cardiac Central Monitoring System at Prairie Ridge Health in Columbus

Farmers & Merchants Union Bank in Columbus donated $30,000 to the Prairie Ridge Health (PRH) Foundation to fully fund a new cardiac central monitoring system for the PRH Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in support of the PRH Foundation’s 2021 Heart Healthy Community Appeal.

“The Cardiac Rehabilitation central monitoring system is a computerized system that allows us to monitor patients’ hearts while they are exercising after a cardiac event,” explained Katy Geiger, Director of Outpatient Services at PRH in Columbus. “Patients wear a small telemetry unit while exercising and this connects wirelessly to the central station where heart rate and rhythms are displayed.  Other information about patients’ response to exercise sessions is entered into the system. This helps us generate reports about the progress patients make while they participate in the program.”

The PRH Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed for those with cardiac conditions or those who have had heart surgery or heart catheterization. The individualized, medically supervised program of exercise and education builds a patient’s strength and endurance so they may safely and effectively overcome some of the physical complications associated with certain types of heart disease. The multi-step process involves input from an entire team of healthcare professionals based on the needs of the patient.

FMUB’s President and CEO, Randy Bobholz, stated, “Farmers & Merchants Union Bank appreciates that we have a wonderful healthcare facility in our community that provides great, high-quality services, while keeping a cozy, hometown feel.  Prairie Ridge Health continues to enhance their healthcare services along with using up-to-date technology to assist patients in their recovery close to home, which is appreciated by patients and caregivers alike.  Farmers & Merchants Union Bank has a similar philosophy in serving the banking needs of our community and that is another reason we are pleased to have this great opportunity to help Prairie Ridge Health continue that culture by making this donation to purchase a Cardiac Central Monitoring System.”

 “It is so important for our community members to have not only strong personal health, but great financial health as well – it is the best way to keep our community strong,” he added. “FMUB is proud to be part of these efforts on both fronts.”

The funding for the cardiac rehabilitation central monitoring system was given as part of the PRH Foundation’s Heart Healthy Community Annual Appeal. “We are so grateful to receive this generous donation to fully fund the monitoring system,” said Kristi Line, Executive Director of the PRH Foundation. “FMUB’s donation allows us to use additional donations to assist in funding other needs in our heart healthy appeal, such as the two new EKG machines for our Emergency Department and inpatient units to provide electrocardiograms to monitor heart health and quickly detect heart problems.”

Donations to the Heart Healthy Community Annual Appeal may be given at www.PrairieRidge.Health/Foundation/Make-a-Gift-Online or mailed to Prairie Ridge Health Foundation at 1515 Park Avenue, Columbus, WI 53925. For additional information regarding the Prairie Ridge Health Foundation, contact Kristi at 920-623-1370 or

Pictured (l-r) Toni Wizner, ATC/L; Melissa Mangan, VP of Finance/CFO; Kristi Line, Executive Director of PRH Foundation; John Russell, PRH President/CEO; Katy Geiger, RN, Director of Outpatient Services; Anne Donahue, PRH Foundation Board Member; Alie Hayes, RN – Cardiac Rehab; Not pictured, Rolf Poser, MD, Cardiology and PRH Cardiac Rehab Medical Director; June M. Waterworth, FMUB Chairman of the Board; Randall G. Bobholz, FMUB President and CEO; Amanda Emery-Morris, FMUB Marketing and Training; Samantha Petrie, FMUB Retail Supervisor.