Navigation For All Types of Cancer 

“Nurses have always supported and guided patients with cancer through difficult times and often complex a licensed cancer navigator, I can be particularly helpful to patients through all stages of diagnosis and treatment. The coordination of care at this time is so important and cancer navigators really know how to speak the language” Cathy Bolan, RNC, CBPN-1, ONC.

When a patient is diagnosed with Breast, Colon or Lung cancer the Cancer Navigator serves as the main point of contact. A Cancer Navigator assists cancer patients regarding treatment pathways, treatment options and personalized care plans. Navigators also help patients travel through the healthcare system by coordinating the care among providers and increasing the awareness of local resources for patient care. Patients will likely see many different faces throughout diagnosis and treatment. She said her patients are lucky that most of those faces are right there at PRH. The other departments that are part of this program include Medical Imaging, Nutrition Services, Respiratory Therapy, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy and Laboratory Services. The aim is to empower the patient and help them have control over their own healthcare. 

“As a navigator, I help ensure that people are not only well cared for, but that they also feel cared about.” For more information about the PRH Cancer Navigation Program, please contact Cathy Bolan at  (920) 623-6434.

Hear from just a few survivors on their experience! Darlene Marks 

Cancer Support Group
Prairie Ridge Health provides Cancer support groups for people with cancer and those touched by the disease. A lot of people receive support from friends and family. Research has shown through support groups ones quality of life and survival rate increase as a result of being able to relate to others with similar cancer experiences. For a complete schedule of when the Support Group meets, please click:
 Cancer Support Group : View the Updated Cancer Support Group Schedule

Prosthesis & Bra Program

A personalized fitting for patients who have undergone a mastectomy procedure occurs on a per patient basis. Most insurances covers up to four bras per year and a new prosthesis every two years. Personalized sessions can be made by contacting Cathy Bolan.