Track your baby’s growth with one of the top pregnancy apps for mommys-to-be (and parents-to-be), provided to you by your very own Healthcare Professionals at Prairie Ridge Health with advice you can trust.

Hi Mommy-to-be (Parent’s-to-be)! We’re excited that you have chosen us to guide you along this journey! We know that you’re busy and that you have a lot of questions and do not have time to search the internet looking for answers. We know that you want something that’s just right for you. Something that is tailored to where you live, your stage of pregnancy and your needs.

You want answers and you want them now. We know you want real advice from real people who care about you and your baby. Here you can hear from real people, nurses, doctors, lactation consultants and more! Information to help you along your way from real people you can trust. We will give you trusted information backed by medical experts and science that is easy to understand—and unlike other Apps, we are FREE.

We are here for you, to guide you along this amazing journey using some specialized tools:

  • Amazing 3D video’s showing your baby’s development as your bump grows!
  • Video blogs from real moms-to-be around the world documenting their own personal journey week by week through their pregnancy
  • 40 chapters of experiences from expecting moms like you and pregnancy experts who’ll guide you on your journey
  • Find answers to commonly asked questions
  • Find all the tools you need including an emergency contact form, contraction counter, and a birth plan worksheet
  • Calculate your due date
  • Search for hospitals and pregnancy services near you!<
  • Store your bump photos in the app album and document your journey
  • Take photos of your scans and documents and track your pregnancy in the app photo album