Physical activity exercises, apps & other resources
Check out the following Physical Activity & Fitness Apps:

Couch to 5K 

 Physical Activity & Fitness Apps
Review proper stretching mechanics for the following muscles:

• Plantar Fascia
• Carpal Tunnel
• Neck
• Hip Flexor
• Gluteals
• Calf
• Lower Back
• Pectorals (chest)
• Hamstring

 Proper Stretching Mechanics


We at Prairie Ridge Health are proud to offer a wide variety of programs for all ages. Topics range from babysitting, stress management, cardiac rehab to CPR and First Aid. It is our department's goal to provide our community members with quality programs.

For a current listing of dates and times, or to register, call the Education Department at 920-623-1276. We welcome feedback and suggestions. If you do not see a program offered and would like to suggest that we offer a particular program please contact Chris DeLapp, Education Manager at 920-623-1276 or via email at

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